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50-70% Off Handcrafted c|a|m Pieces

I am doing some spring cleaning here people. It’s still freezing out, so I am trying to find things to do inside. Thus, I am having a sale of my horsehair pieces. Everything is hand-dyed and braided or hand-beaded. If you’re interested in one of the beaded tassels below purchase the color tassel you want on my shop and I will send you all the bead color combinations. There were just simply too many to put into my shop but I promise you won’t be charged without approving the design that is being sent to you.

Any questions, please let me know.

The Crew

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I don’t think I’ve ever posted much about J. Crew but that’s my bad. I was casually just shopping today and just thought these outfits are casually cool and I kinda wish I had a place to wear some great pencil skirts. But I don’t so I just admire them here. The blazer section was so good I could hardly even touch it! Here.


Mara Hoffman

I am loving these new Mara Hoffman items. ESPECIALLY that beaded dress. TO DIE FOR! I shouldn’t need to explain too much about this. You should be able to see the amazing. Buy here. 

Selahdor + c|a|m Recap

A few weeks ago I posted a behind the scenes of the Dog Vertebrae Body Piece. Unfortunately my phone has been dropped a few times so the picture was super grainy and I wanted to make sure you guys didn’t miss this piece. It’s my absolute favorite by far since I love body pieces over t-shirts and dresses and I was overjoyed I could make one for this collection.

I also made it reversible so you can wear it as a necklace under a deep v-neck dress as well.

Selahdor + c|a|m

So if you’ve been living under a rock you probably haven’t hear that I am collaborating with Selahdor for my first metal jewelry line that will compliment his Spring/Summer ’13 collection. While he crafted my lookbook I decided to interview him about his collection and working with me. Below is a sneak peak at one of his pieces. It’s a high-waist pleated lambskin waistband with digital water print  silk mesh skirts and cropped racer-back lambskin tank. LOVE! You all know I’d rock that crop. She is also photographed wearing the leather wrapped bangles I featured on Wednesday.

Also, you’ll see the most recent sneak peak of the jewelry collection and my interview over on his blog.


Why in God’s green earth did you decide to trust me to create this collection for your Spring/Summer ’13 line?

Because I’m crazy? Honestly, I just had a good feeling about it. I had no idea this would be your first foray into production and what not. But I had seen your horsehair pieces on you at various events and something about the aesthetic just made sense with my brand and this collection. There’s a quiet aggression in your work.

What inspired your Spring/Summer 2013 collection?

This is the first in a series of collections inspired by the popular 1980′s fantasy film “The Neverending Story”. Atreyu, one of the heroes from the story, was my focus for this season.

Talk about your first foray into creating prints.

The prints are all inspired by nature. They’ve been developed by manipulating photographs and scans of water, rocks, etc. It just made sense to once again use nature as an inspiration. I haven’t done anything like this since I stopped painting 4 years ago.

What has been the most challenging aspect of the industry?

People’s attitudes. We’re creating and selling clothes! This isn’t life or death. Lighten up. There’s also too much gossiping. I have no room for negativity in my life. Sorry! Besides that, securing the supply chain has been the most difficult thing.

What was it like working with me?

It was easy! It was fun! We work effortlessly together, even when things got bad. This is the first time I’ve collaborated with someone, so the creative part of it was what I feared most, but yeah, we’re a good team.

What’s your studio atmosphere like?

Focused, positive, and full. Music is a must. Some days I have the usual gay power divas blasting, other days it’s Edith Piaf, Belle & Sebastian, and more mellow stuff. When I do have an assistant or intern, it’s fun. I end up talking ALOT while I work, about the work, life, whatever. I try to keep things light in there.

Photographed by Jessica Weiser.

Wicked AWESOME Wednesday

I love announcing new pieces and last week I announced my Dog Vertebra Body Chain and the Dog Vertebra Ring. Today I am announcing our leather wrapped bangles. I love these heavy metal bangles wrapped with soft black matte leather. Just another tease of whats coming out for Spring/Summer. More to come on Friday along with an interview with David Chum of Selahdor.


Selahdor + c|a|m

I’ve been waiting with so much excitement to announce my collaboration with David Chum of Selahdor. I had the privilege of designing my first metal jewelry collection for this SS ’13 line.   I can’t give away too many details but here is a snapshot from the Shop Calico Blog and one of my grainy behind the scenes. Below is pictured the Vertebrae Ring as well as the Vertebrae Body Piece. That is all for now, but see a little more on Shop Calico.

Not Your Grandma’s One Piece

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With the 4th of July around the corner, I assume several of you may be sporting swimwear. But in case you’re still putting off the gym I wanted to throw a few sexy one pieces out there. Hit up Shopbop.com

Tori Praver

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It was crappy yesterday when I was in NYC and it’s crappy today in Boston. I can’t escape it! Therefore I am thinking about Maui and there is this great swimwear brand Tori Praver that is done in Hawaii. I love when people choice a unique shape for swimwear because sometimes the classic cut is just not satisfactory. Shop HERE.

Bedford St. Laundry

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I saw these adorable and innovative swim suits on Instagram and had to show the rest of you. I also love Jessica Yuen’s (the designer) take on her brand “BEDFORD STREET LAUNDRY, a New York based womenswear label for all the sexy tomboys, highbrow skanks, 90s hip hop fangirls, females with no filter, and those united against the pantsuit.”